Improve Informal/Formal Garbage Collection Points along Old Hope Road


The Swallowfield communities near Old Hope Road boundary dump their garbage on the road at different points. It is unclear whether these are formal or informal garbage collection points. However, over time, they have become "pick up points" for garbage collection. The challenge, however, is that there is no actual infrastructure, such as garbage bins or skips, in place to facilitate the orderly storage of garbage. Most persons just throw their garbage in specific spots along hope road. I've taken a picture of one of them near the bus stop on Hope Road. This is one of the bigger ones, but garbage gets deposited on the sidewalks all along the corridor. The garbage isn't always collected right away and can smell and make the place untidy. Old Hope Road is one of the most trafficked corridors in Kingston so more should be done. Whether these are formal or informal dumps, they have become common-use locations for garbage disposal for members of the community. Based on the narrow road entrances into the community from Hope Road, I suspect there may be difficulty with garbage trucks getting into the community. Without knowing more, I think there are a couple things that could be done: 1. Figure out what challenges exist with garbage collection within the community. This could prevent persons from having to carry garbage out to the main road 2. Depending on the constraints of collecting within the community, more attractive garbage collection points could be placed along Old Hope Road. Given that Old Hope Road is such a main thoroughfare I would not recommend just dropping a "skip". That would be ugly. It could be an interesting beautification effort for the community. There must be designs on the internet for "attractive" garbage collection points

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