Community TownHall

There are many people who live in community lack of aware and not able to share their suggest, idea, and/or feedback how to improve in their area. MP who did have time to checking regular in their are to ensure that the community are safe and feel union by participates share thoughts. The problem happen is when they realized that there is no solution and they decide on their pace way of solution which is not best for their community. Eg, When their loves one passes away occur by police they tend to block the road use object which destroy the road. afterward they will complaint to MP and requested to fix the road. That will need to have appropriate public educate. Host one a monthly to have TownHall in the Community center where the community will able to attend by share their though, idea, and/or suggest way of solution in their community.

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Julian Robinson 3 months ago
This is why we are using this tool - for those who do not come to the CDF Consultations