Youth Employment Initiative - making the transition from school to work

There is a high level of unemployment among the youths in the community. There is a disconnect between the school leaving process and entering the working world, which makes the transition for many youths a less than satisfying experience. Though there are many institutions and programs that assist youths in this situation, in a lot of instances they are unaware of these channels. Entry level positions are not given the same energy as higher level positions and in cases of big companies sometimes are left out of the advertising budget. Running through the careers section on a Sunday can sometimes seems very daunting, as there are positions that require numerous years experience, but what happens to individuals who were not even able to get one year experience? There is also the issue if unscrupulous individuals running scams on youths who are eager to enter the workforce, they offer promises of the 'perfect job', no experience required, a ridiculously high salary, and most importantly money upfront to secure these jobs. There is also disparity in the level of academic qualifications, skills, attitude, among other factors that affect how employable a person is. There needs to be a coherent framework to facilitate this process of transitioning from school to the working world. An online job bank should be made tailored specifically to youths, ages 15 through to 25 and in instances persons who still have problem adjusting up to age 30. This website should not just be a medium for job advertisement, but should encompass a wide range of resources for youths. The website should be able to act as a networking and development platform, that caters to individuals based on where they are in the transitional phase. It should track the individual from a prior to graduation phase and provide information for prospective employers (information that would be on a typical resume, withholding certain information). While in school students can start exploring career options, get teachers to act as references, get familiarised with various apprenticeship programs available to them, and explore paths for further education. After graduation youths can follow through on guides to getting employed, resume building tools, entrepreneurship guides, among other resources. Youths can be filtered based on their careers interest as well as qualifications which they have left school with. Persons who have left with minimum recommended qualifications will be recommended for immediate employment and should have no problem being selected by prospective employers. For those who have not attained a certain level, they will be recommended for skills training and will be followed up for continued progress, they will also be recommended for jobs that allow them to utilize their innate abilities. It would be great to get businesses and schools in the consistency to buy into the concept, so as to best ensure success for the project. The main aim of the project would be to facilitate the smoothest possible transition for school leavers, without them feeling lost in the process.

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Julian Robinson 3 months ago
We have two programs for Unattached Youth at both at the International University of the Caribbean and Cornerstone Ministries in a number of different areas