Community Park

1. Robbery 2. Unkept streets,garbage not disposed of properly. 3.Young men just sitting on street side Q2. Everyone, especially home owners, elderly and children. Q3. Undetsirable persons finding the area quiet , and easy target to rob. Unemployed young men who do not want to work or cant.get work. Renting your property to the wrong tenants who do not share the same.view as yours. Vet your tenants, get references and follow up with referees. Then make intellegent choices, use a.contract that set guidelines. Clean Streets Everyone make an effort to keep areas clean, if can't, pay some one to do it. (Encourage persons to have pride in their community and work together). Train and employ persons from area who have passion and.pride in their community to work as community Marshalls who will identify unkept areas, unwelcome persons, anything that is undesirable, then alert police and contact revelant entity. Get street sweepers for main street and implement laws for littering urinating on street coners etc. Renovate park area in Eden Gardens. Renovate park, with walking tract, flowers, seating, tennis court, badminton etc.

Vineyard Town Community Development Peace Building and Crime Reduction Other Community Development Problem

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Julian Robinson 3 months ago
That is something we can look Maintenance is key