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The issues affecting my community (Jacques Road) are unemployment, illiteracy, poor infrastructure and poverty. Everybody is affected by these issue as such issues shroud the community in a blanket of depression and give people a sense of hopelessness. This problem is a result of the never ending cycle of poverty within the community, there is no sort of growth in any sphere of life within the community. Education and social programmes, i believe that if the mind changes then the social will change. i therefore suggests a partnership with the schools within the mountain view area geared at targeting the problem of illiterate man is a limited man and if growth is to happen withing said community then the people must be equipped to harness their limitless potential. we often time place emphasis on sporting events and while they do serve a purpose they are not long lasting; education is. Too many children withing said community are unable to read and write at the level they are to be within their age group. A computer lab was gifted to the community it has since not been operational, this is a problem that needs to be rectified as in terms of technological learning it is critical for those who simply don"t have access to these things. Infrastructure... the roads on the site needs to be fixed, the dust they dispel is hazardous to health. and can something be done about the zinc fences, our environment affects our behaviour similarly like how environment affects learning, maybe if the zinc fences are removed then the outlook of hopelessness will diminish. Social programmes tailored to teach the young children between ages of 6-18 which educates them not only in the traditional sense in terms of teaching good mannerism and proper hygiene but exposes them to discipline, teaches them self confidence and exposes them to life outside of the reality of the zinc fences.

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Julian Robinson 4 months ago
We had put in an Internet cafe in the container and also repaired the community centre. We had also run some courses in the centre There are some broader issues affecting the community which require intervention. A number of persons from that area attend the Unattached Youth Program which is going on now