Perennial Water woes

My issues are with the poor service where the water supply is concerned. There is a perennial problem in Trevennion Park as the community has developed into a mix of semi commercial and semi apartment complexes. The result is a water shortage even when our counterparts in the neighboring communities don’t have a challenge. With the road works being done on Constant Spring Road, our communities have simply ceased to be supplied and getting for the water truck to come and even be equipped to take on the task of supplying mostly 2 and 3 story-high residences can be a challenge in and of itself. My suggestion is for the supply to either be taken from a more reliable catchment or for bigger mains and higher water pressure so as to reach these communities. Norwood Road, Trevennion Road and Trevennion Park Roads are the main affected areas. In the interim, water trucks should be mandated to supply these communities at the very least once per week.

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Julian Robinson 4 months ago
I am aware of these challenges particularly for persons who live on the top floors of apartment buildings. It has been a long standing problem. I will take up with NWC to see what can be done