Speed humps for Tucker Ave/ Tankerville off Mountain View

Good day, Mrs. FAYVAL Williams is our MP....There has been a dangerous hazard to the Community of vehicular traffic using Tucker Avenue ,Tankerville Avenue, and Goodwill Avenue (off top of Mountain View Avenue) as a thoroughfare throughout the day and evenings. They are speeding through our community which places other road users and especially our children at serious risk of being mamed or killed!! This has been an ongoing problem with the route taxi drivers being the main culprits. The speeds at which they drive through are criminal!! Bustamante Myseum is on Tucker Avenue with several bus loads of school children using the roads daily as well. It would be unfortunate for any of us to be hit by their careless driving due lawlessness and lack of respect of the speed limit in residential areas. *Our proposal as a Community is for speed humps, similar to the ones in hope partures, to be installed along with signs of children at play or warning that its a residential area and not a main road or thoroughfare. ** The second proposal is that Goodwill Avenue be blocked off completely because based on the number of collisions that take place at that Stanton Terrace /Mountain View /Goodwill Ave crossing, we would be better off without it being open. Plus the Bustamante Museum could use the road closure as much needed parking space for its increasing number of Visitors. There have been letters and petitions submitted regarding this problem in the past, but no response. We would desperately like to be free to walk through our neighbourhood again and not feel caged, and be able to take the children for walks and rides on their cyles without the threat of being in imminent danger each time. It is with great respect and anticipation of a favourable response that we make this submission.

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Julian Robinson 4 months ago
Will pass the info to MP Fayval Williams