No water

Hi I have moved here from England to live and work with my two children and since arriving in vineyard town we have not had running water for one full week. I think the situation is disgusting. At the present moment I have not had water for 2 and a half days. I cannot believe that the government are allowing this to happen. I cannot wash school clothes or work clothes I cannot shower I cannot and when you call the national water commission nobody has answers as to when water is coming back. What can the government do. Well the government should fine the water company for every 6-12 hours communities do not have that water and then use the fund to contribute to homes who do not have water tanks. Why should I buy a water tank when I am paying for a service. The government also need to invest in some overseas engineers as clearly the ones here have no idea as to what they are doing. If this was to happen in England it would be front line news. I think the whole thing is a disgrace to Jamaica instead of improving infrastructure as a government you need to invest inhuman basic right of clean running water. Absolute disgrace

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Julian Robinson 4 months ago
I had reported this to NWC I know they are doing a non revenue water project to get more persons to pay. That has created disruptions to the usual water supply