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Investment projects with scope: Youth Innovation Grant

This heading has a budget of $150,000


Communication Access

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Youth Innovation Grant

The Communication Access project will provide an app that will teach sign language for free, and so increase the opportunities for the Deaf to become more informed and involved members of their community.

By creating a learning tool to help community members learn sign language there will be ease of communication between people who are deaf and those who are not. Deaf community members can also independently access public spaces such as hospitals, schools and police stations where the app can be used as a tool to overcome communication barriers.

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Young girl using cellphone

Access Time

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Youth Innovation Grant

The Access Time App will help to instil the value of hard work and discipline through a system that rewards youth who answer academic questions correctly with screen time on their smart devices.

The Access Time App will give young people access to their devices only after they correctly answer academic questions that pop-up. The intent of the app is to provide a reward system for hard work, and help young people prioritise and use their time wisely.

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Blue siren alert

Smart Siren System

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Youth Innovation Grant

The Smart Siren System will enhance community vigilance and the responsiveness of the associated police stations by allowing Vineyard Town residents to remotely trigger community sirens when they're in criminal danger.

This system will involve strategically placing flashing sirens throughout the community, and outfitting community members with linked remote control devices. The devices will send alerts to nearby police stations when triggered, enabling a swift response time to incidents that occur in the area

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Young man creating furniture from wood.

The Maker's Workshop

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Youth Innovation Grant

The Maker’s Space/Workshop will provide effective teaching in income-earning skills in Basic Digital Imaging, Basic Programming, Management, and handling of CNC Machines to help prevent young men from turning to crime.

Participants will be taught how to use design software and program machines to make furniture for homes and offices, increasing their employability. They will also be given the skills to build their own social enterprise and train others in their community.

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Young man holding a camera

The Watch Tower Project

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Youth Innovation Grant

The Watch Tower Project will teach income-earning skills in Basic Digital Photography, Videography, Cinematography, Basic Drone Aerial Surveys, Mapping, GIS and Remote Sensing to help young men turn from crime.

The focus of this project is to build capacity by teaching young men technical skills in the audio-visual creative industry in order to boost youth employability. Project participants will learn story-telling skills which they can use to advocate for the socio-economic development of their communities.

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Young woman working from a laptop.

Youth Employment Initiative

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Youth Innovation Grant

The Youth Employment Initiative will provide an online job bank with customised guidance and job advertisements primarily for youth, to ease their transition from school to the working world.

This online job bank will help young people along the different stages of their careers by using a tracking system. It will provide help with résumé writing, professional and educational guidance, job listings, and networking.

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2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Youth Innovation Grant

Cy-Reader will help students turn documents into audio-books so they can keep up with the constant increase in study material required by the education system.

The mobile app will allow a person to convert a document into an audio-book by taking a picture of the document and uploading it to the app. This will help students to keep up with their study material and prepare for the standardised tests required to gain qualifications.

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