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Investment projects with scope: Community Development

This heading has a budget of $850,000

Young students using learning tools.

Education Diagnostics Services

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Targeted treatments for learning challenges, informed by learning assessments, would help more students better absorb the education and training available to them, and improve their employability.

This project involves conducting learning assessments for pre-primary, primary and high school students, focusing specifically on below-average performers. The assessment results will then be used to develop and implement learning intervention strategies based on identified needs and available resources.

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Garbage along Old Hope Road

Improve Garbage Collection Points along Old Hope Road

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Create a beautification project that serves as an appropriate garbage collection solution for the Swallowfield community.

Community members would help to build/install/decorate containers to properly contain the garbage being dumped along Old Hope Road. Containing the garbage would improve the attractiveness and reduce the health risk of the areas currently used for dumping.

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Smiling volunteers

Volunteer Mobilisation Programme

2019-05-10  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Increase the use of community centres and community access points by incentivising the volunteers needed to support activities.

An incentivised volunteer programme would help to supply the human resources needed to offer and manage activities such as homework assistance, social events or computer use. Not only would the programme encourage volunteerism, it would also help community centres to create stronger bonds among community members.

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Security camera

Community Watch

2019-05-09  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Install security cameras throughout Vineyard Town to help reduce crime.

The video recorded by installed cameras would be fed into the Jamaica Eye programme, making it easier for the police to identify and respond to criminal activity in the community.

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Come in we're open business sign

Small Business Expo

2019-05-10  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Stage an expo to introduce the corporate sector to small businesses in the constituency. The expo would allow small businesses to connect with potential corporate clients.

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Sign Language Communication

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Provide community-based classes in Jamaican Sign Language, to facilitate communication with Deaf community members

Free or subsidised classes in Jamaican Sign Language (JSL) would be offered to community members. Very few people can understand or use JSL. These classes would increase the number of signers, allowing Deaf community members to be more aware of and involved in matters affecting their communities.

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Person clasping another's hand to provide comfort

Community Counselling

2019-05-10  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Community-based peer counselling would help to improve interpersonal relationships within communities.

Trained peer counsellors could provide guidance not only in-person, but also via Whatsapp or other online channels, whether in groups or anonymously. Such counselling would provide emotional support to community members.

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Positive message on community wall.

Community Beautification

2019-05-08  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Paint murals throughout South East St. Andrew to promote positivity and uplift communities.

Working with educational institutions, corporations, and community organisations, murals would be painted throughout the constituency, especially in areas prone to outbreaks of violence. Mural designs would be proposed by art students, and voted on by community members. The designs will feature positive messages, helping not only to make communities look more attractive and welcoming, but also to promote positive values and attitudes.

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Person sketching building plans

Upgraded Community Centres

2019-05-11  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Help citizens' associations and other community based organisations to upgrade or establish active community centres to support community bonding.

Provide a series of workshops for community based organisations to give them the skills and knowledge needed to plan, raise funding for and carry out projects to create or improve their community centres.

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Older men playing dominoes

Senior Citizens' Clubs

2019-05-11  •  TYMP Team  •  Community Development

Establish Senior Citizens' Clubs to help retired but able seniors keep active.

Senior Citizens' Clubs would provide a social space for retirees, and give them opportunities to continue contributing to the community through club activities.

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