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About This Pilot

The Constituency Development Fund (CDF) is money the government sets aside to fund development projects in each constituency. Members of Parliament (MPs) are required to hold CDF consultation meetings in their constituencies to help decide which projects to implement, but meetings are not always an easy way for everyone to participate in decision-making.

TellYourMP is a pilot initiative seeking to make the CDF consultations—and public consultations in general—more accessible for everyone!

In addition to his normal consultation meetings, MP Julian Robinson and stakeholders have agreed to allocate a total of J$1,000,000* through a public vote. Over the course of a few months, community members, community organisations, and interested citizens will be partnering to create proposals to improve the communities in South East St. Andrew.


*J$1,000,000 = J$500,000 from CDF allocation (subject to Parliamentary approval) + J$500,000 from grant funding.


How You Can Get Involved

If you live or work in South East St. Andrew, you can take part in any or all of the following ways:

  • Submit any ideas you have for solving a problem you know exists in the constituency. Submitted ideas may be turned into project proposals (Community Development Ideas), or even qualify for a grant (Youth Innovation Ideas). Ideas are not being accepted at this time.
  • Vote on what you think are the best project proposals (residents of South East St. Andrew only). The proposals with the most support will either be submitted to Parliament for approval or be awarded grant funding. Voting closes July 31, 2019.
  • Monitor the progress of the chosen projects from when they are submitted for approval through to their implementation and completion.


How Community Development Ideas Will Be Used

Ideas collected will be used to propose community development projects based on CDF guidelines. These projects will be put to a public vote, and the top projects will be submitted to the CDF Parliamentary Committee for approval and implementation. Any idea can be submitted, but priority will be given to ideas that:

  • Affect communities within the South East St. Andrew constituency.
  • Promote Youth Employment, Community Peace Building and Crime Reduction, or Digital Skills/Literacy.
  • Explain how the constituency/community (not just one individual) will benefit.

Project ideas involving repairing roads, building physical infrastructure, or welfare do not qualify for the TellYourMP initiative at this time. Ideas that aren’t selected for the pilot may still be considered for future projects.

Community Development ideas are not being accepted at this time. 


How Youth Innovation Ideas Will Be Used

If you’re 16-30 years old, live in a participating South East St. Andrew community, and you want to build technology solutions for community problems, you may submit a Youth Innovation Idea. A Youth Innovation Idea must meet the following criteria:

  • Affect communities within the South East St. Andrew constituency.
  • Promote Youth Employment or Community Peace Building and Crime Reduction.
  • Explain how the constituency/community (not just one individual) will benefit.
  • Describe how technology (for example mobile phones, social media or data) will be used to solve a community problem.

If your idea is shortlisted, you will be given a chance to turn it into a proposal for a public vote. The top 5 proposals will be awarded a Youth Innovation Grant.

Youth Innovation ideas are not being accepted at this time.


Who is Behind This

The TellYourMP pilot initiative is brought to you by the constituency office of South East St. Andrew ↗️, the Caribbean Open Institute ↗️, a regional coalition supporting open development approaches to inclusion, participation and innovation; and the SlashRoots Foundation ↗️, a non-governmental organisation that seeks to improve how government interacts with citizens in this digital age.


Contact Us

Dear citizen, this project is for you. We want to hear from you, whether you live in South East St. Andrew or perhaps elsewhere in Jamaica and want to see this happen where you live! Please send any questions or feedback to